Wedding Rings

For the best deals on wedding rings in Westchester or Putnam go to DJV Jewelry in Peekskill

People who want the most beautiful wedding rings for their money and live or work in Westchester or Putnam - visit Harry Peirce at DJV Jewelry on Park Street in Peekskill.  Harry does not pay huge mall rents and quite frankly, he keeps his overhead as low as possible. Why? In a word, he does this so that he can pass on the savings to you, his customers.  If a competitor is paying ten to twenty thousand more in overhead, they have to pass those expenses on to the consumer or go out of business.

Who Buys Wedding Rings from DJV Jewelry?

Harry’s helps people who do not like to waste money to get the most wedding ring for their dollar.  DJV Jewelry has wedding bands for every taste and budget. Harry respect all people,  It does not matter if they are looking for simple, affordable rings or they want to custom design a one-of-a-kind wedding rings, they receive the same helpful advice and service.    The common denominator amongst DJV’s customers is that they want the most for their money and they want Harry’s know-how and guidance.  Add it all together, and the customer receives the best value in wedding bands in Westchester and Putnam!

Come to DJV Jewelry 1005 Park Ave Peekskill for the best deals on wedding rings in Westchester or Putnam!

DJV Jewelry has been serving the community since 1892; Harry has been with the store since 1990.  The store hours are Mon – Sat 10 AM -6 PM and the phone is 914-737-6550.  He has continued the tradition of serving the hard-working people who care more about getting a great deal than buying from someone who has limited jewelry experience but works at a place that hides that fact behind a mall address and a fancy store.  Harry knows his clientele come from all over Westchester and Putman to DJV at 1005 Park Street in Peekskill for one thing - the best deals on wedding rings and jewelry and he does not disappoint them!



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