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If you are in Westchester or Putnam and want to buy or sell diamonds, come to DJV Jewelry in Peekskill.   Harry Peirce is the owner and he purposely keeps his overhead low so that he can deliver superior value.  He invests in his customers rather than fancy Mall addresses or over-the-top displays in an attempt to get you to pay more than you have to…  At DJV the goal has always been to educate their customers on diamonds and sell them at the best prices.  The truth is if Harry chose to pay thousands of extra dollars per month in rent and fixtures those costs would have to be passed on to the consumer in higher prices.  Harry says if you need all the glamor… go to Tiffany’s or Harry Winston.  Either will blow you away and deliver an experience you will not forget. If you can afford it and want it – why not?  However, Harry’s customers work hard for their money and want the most for their hard-earned dollar.  If you want a jeweler who will guide you and work with your budget, then DJV is the place for you.

How to find the best value in diamond in Westchester and Putnam

The old saying that “if you do not know jewels… know your jeweler” is the most important step in finding value in diamonds.  The next step is understanding the 4-C’s of Diamond grading diamonds. These C’s are Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight.  At DJV all diamond one carat and over will be graded by the Gemological Institute of America – GIA.  The GIA is the most trusted grading service in the world, and they have explained the 4-Cs’s of Diamond Quality as follows:

Color – A diamond's color grade is determined by comparing an individual diamond to a master set. Almost every diamond has some color.  The letter grade determines how noticeable the color is.

Clarity – Diamonds are formed under extreme pressure, heat and over a long period of time.  Almost every diamond has some characteristics that were caused as it formed.  Clarity is rated from flawless to I-3.

Cut - A diamond’s cut is determined by three attributes that cause its sparkle.  They are the brightness, fire and scintillation.  The GIA assesses diamonds on a scale from D – Z.

Carat Weight – A carat is equal to 200 milligrams in weight.  Diamonds that are under one carat in weight are measured in points.  A point is 1/100 of a carat.  So a 50 point diamond is another way of saying ½ carat.

Click for your free copy of the "GIA’s 4Cs of Diamond quality"

DJV has built a reputation for delivering great advice and fantastic prices since 1982.  Stop and speak to Harry if you are looking for unbeatable value in your diamonds.

Looking to sell your diamonds at the highest prices in Westchester or Putnam?

Did you know that the price a jeweler can offer you for your diamonds all comes down to math?  Each diamond will have a range of what a jeweler can pay for it.  If you have a one carat diamond that rates very high in the 4Cs all jewelers can resell it and there is a very specific range they can pay.  If they can sell a diamond for $1000, they obviously have to make money.  If the buyer is paying big rents and lots of money in overhead, they must work that into the equation, or they will go out of business.   Harry Pierce keeps his overhead low which allows him to pay the highest prices for diamond and to sell them a lower price than the competition.  He chooses to invest in delivering value to his customers rather than the things that force others to pay less for diamonds.

If you want to buy Diamond jewelry at the lowest prices in Westchester or Putnam come to DJV in Peekskill

If you are looking for beautiful diamond jewelry for every occasion and budget, stop by and speak with Harry.  If you are looking for a customer designed diamond piece Harry can help you create the perfect piece.  However, if you are on a budget and are looking for a pre-owned ring, you will be treated with the same respect and receive the same personalized service.  The fact is that all diamonds are millions of years old and if you are on a budget Harry can either sell you a loose diamond and let you pick a setting or polish and clean an existing piece so that it looks so close to new that very few people will ever know the difference.  Harry sells the following diamond pieces: engagement rings, diamond rings for all occasions, bracelets, earrings, pendant, necklaces and watches.  DJV also carries a large selection of pre-owned and estate diamond jewelry for those who want a beautiful piece but need to stretch their budget.  If you want the best value in diamonds in Westchester or Putnam, stop by DJV Jewelry at 1005 Park Street in Peekskill or call Harry at 914-737-6550 – you’ll be glad you did!

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