DJV Jewelry in Peekskill for the Westchester & Putnam’s best deals on earrings

If you want the best prices on earring in Westchester or Putnam go to DJV Jewelry in Peekskill.  A new pair of earrings can make your day and pick up your spirits whether they are a gift from someone special or a treat you give to yourself.   Harry Pierce is the owner at DJV, and he will help you find the perfect earrings and prices that will put a big smile on your face.  How does Harry deliver the best deals in Westchester or Putnam?  He invests in giving his customers the best service and prices rather than spending that money on an expensive address and costly displays.  Harry’s customers want the most for their hard-earned buck, so Harry keeps his overhead and prices as low as possible.

Westchester & Putnam’s source for earring for every occasion and Budget

Harry does not cater to the crowd that wants to spend extra money to walk into Tiffany’s or Harry Winston’s.  Make no mistake, they deliver an experience that you ego will not forget.  However, you will pay plenty for it.   If you have the extra money and want your ego stroked – why not?  If you want the most for your money, go to DJV.  If you want custom designed earring in gold, platinum and diamonds, Harry will help you create it and deliver it a rates the others will not match.  If you are on a budget, Harry will show you how to pick the perfect pre-owned estate earrings that are as perfect for the occasion as they are for your pocketbook.  .  Every pre-owned pair is cleaned, sterilized and if necessary polished so that you are the only one who knows they are not new!  DJV carries a complete range of earrings from simple posts and loops in gold or silver to elegant diamond and gem earring.   Take advantage of Harry’s 30+ years of experience and let him help you find the earrings that make you look and feel fabulous.

DJV buys old quality earrings for the best prices in Westchester or Putnam

Do you have some old quality earrings that you don’t wear anymore?   Why not turn them into cash or turn them in on a new pair.  As mentioned, Harry keeps his overhead as low as possible, which enables him to pay the highest prices for gold, silver, platinum diamond or precious gem earrings.  It comes down to simple math – higher overhead has to results in lower prices paid for unwanted earrings and higher prices on new ones.  If you are the kind of person who want the most for their unwanted earrings go to DJV jewelry they pay the highest prices in Westchester or Putnam!

Go to DJV in Peekskill for the best earring values in Westchester or Putnam

If you want beautiful earrings at the lowest prices or to sell your unwanted ones at the highest rates go the DJV Jewelry at 1005 Park Street in Peekskill, Mon – Sat 10 Am – 6 PM or call Harry at 914-737-6550 for the best deals around!

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