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If you want the perfect engagement ring and live or work in Westchester or Putnam come to DJV Jewelry in Peekskill

If you are looking for the best deals on engagement rings in Westchester of Putnam, go to DJV Jewelry on Park St. in Peekskill.  Ask for Harry Pierce, and he will educate you on diamonds and show you how to get the perfect engagement ring for the best price.  All jewelers pay the same rates for diamonds of similar quality (see the 4Cs below).  However, not every jewelry store has the same costs.  Harry caters to people who would rather have more diamond for the buck than buy the engagement ring at a store that pays big rent and has a large overhead.  In the end, the total costs of running the business are built into every piece of jewelry in the store.  Since Harry purposely keeps his overhead and costs low – he passes the savings on to you.  When you give the woman you love a beautiful diamond engagement ring she has no idea where you shopped, she only knows how beautiful it is.  If you don’t have money to burn but want to give her the most beautiful engagement ring you can afford, see Harry, he will show you how to get the most for your hard-earned dollar.

How are the diamonds in engagement rings graded?

The Gemological Institute of America Inc. (GIA) is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls.  They have published an easy to read guide to diamond quality to educate the public.  Their ratings are based on the 4Cs of Diamond quality – color, clarity, cut and carat weight.

Color – A diamond's color grade is determined by comparing an individual diamond to a master set. Almost every diamond has some color.  The letter grade determines how noticeable the color is.

Clarity – Diamonds are formed under extreme pressure, heat and over a long period of time.  Almost every diamond has some characteristics that were caused as it formed.  Clarity is rated from flawless to I-3.

Cut - A diamond’s cut is determined by three attributes that cause its sparkle.  They are the brightness, fire and scintillation.  The GIA assesses diamonds on a scale from D – Z.

Carat Weight – A carat is equal to 200 milligrams in weight.  Diamonds that are under one carat in weight are measured in points.  A point is 1/100 of a carat.  So a 50 point diamond is another way of saying ½ carat.

Click to download a free copy of the GIA’s 4Cs of Diamond quality 

Five Tips on buying an engagement ring in Westchester of Putnam

  1. There is an old saying “If you do not know everything about diamonds… know your jeweler”.
  2. Make sure you know the quality of the ring. There have been many people who focused on the diamond only to discover later that the gold in their ring was not what they thought - once again know your jeweler.
  3. You may want to choose the diamond first. Once you have decided on the shape and size, it should make it easier to find a ring and setting that best complement it.
  4. Decide what you can spend. Then determine which of the 4cs are most important to you.  Here is where and experienced jeweler like Harry can help.
  5. Make sure the jeweler is not going anywhere… DJV and Harry Pierce are a fixture in Peekskill. The store opened in 1982 and has been helping people get the most for the money ever since.  Harry stayed in Peekskill during the tough years and will be here as the town grows and expands.  However, Harry’s philosophy of keeping overhead as low as possible to give hard-working people the best deals possible will never change.

DJV in Peekskill – Westchester’s & Putnam’s value leader in engagement rings

If you work hard and don’t have money to burn but still want to give her the best ring you can afford, Harry Pierce is the jeweler that can make you shine.  When you want the most ring for the buck, go to DJV at 1005 Park Street in Peekskill 914-737-6550 for the best deals on engagement rings in Westchester and Putnam – you’ll be glad you did!

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