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DJV In Peekskill – Westchester & Putnam Counties’ source for jewelry repair 

If you live or work in Westchester or Putnam Counties and are looking to repair your jewelry, go to DJV Jewelry in Peekskill.  Harry Peirce is the owner and has been repairing jewelry for over a quarter of a century.  At DJV they do thing the old school way… the right way and at great prices.  Harry knows that his most valuable asset is the trust of his customers and is dedicated to building that trust every time he has the pleasure of providing service to them.  You may have something as simple as needing a battery, watch band or a new watch crystal.  Most of the time Harry can do these while you wait.  If you need a battery, he sells and installs them at the same price as when the store opened over 30 years ago - $2.95!!!

DJV in Peekskill – Provides all types of jewelry repairs for Westchester & Putnam 

Do you need your jewelry repaired?  If it can be repaired, DJV can do it and has been providing quality repairs since 1982.  Below is a list of common jewelry repairs.   However, if your item needing repair is not on the list call Harry.  If it can be done he’ll repair it quickly and at very fair rates.

  • Bracelets
    • Clasps repaired & replaces, prongs and jewels replaced
    • Bracelets enlarged or reduces in size
    • Cleaned and polished
  • Chains (gold, silver platinum)
    • Broken links repaired
    • Clasps repaired or replaced
    • Prongs and jewels replaced or repaired
    • Chains lengthened or shortened
  • Earrings
    • Posts and clasps repaired and replaces
    • Prongs and jewels repaired and replaces
    • Cleaning and polishing
  • Engagement rings
    • Prongs repaired
    • Rings resized
    • Jewels replaced
  • Estate Jewelry
    • Missing jewels and prongs repaired and replaced
    • Clasps repaired and replaces
    • Resizing
    • Re-utilization of stones in to modern settings
  • Necklaces
    • Clasps repaired and replaced
    • Chains repaired, lengthened or shortened
    • Prongs and jewels repaired and replaced
    • Cleaned and polished
  • Pendants
    • Fasteners repaired and replaces
    • Prongs and jewels repaired and replaces
    • Cracked housings repaired
    • Cleaning and polishing
  • Rings
    • Resized
    • Prongs and jewels repaired and replaces
    • Cleaned and polished
    • Reflorentined and etched
    • Additional diamond and gems set
  • Watches
    • Bands and straps replaced, lengthen or shortened
    • Crystals replaced
    • Batteries replaced
    • Pressure seals replaced
    • Clockwork repaired
    • Cleaned and polished

If you would like a piece custom designed, we will guide you from concept to the computer design to the beautiful piece being presented.

People from all over Putnam and Westchester go to DJV Jewelry in Peekskill for repairs

DJV has earned its reputation for excellent repairs done promptly and at fair prices for over thirty years. This reputation is why people travel from all over Westchester and Putnam to Peekskill for their jewelry repairs – stop by and see Harry at 1005 Park Street or call him at 914-737-6550 – you’ll be glad you did.

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