Do you want the best price on a ring in Westchester or Putnam - come to DJV Jewelry in Peekskill


If you live in Westchester or Putnam Counties and want the best deal on a ring, go to DJV Jewelry in Peekskill.  Harry Price has a jewelry store for hard working people who want the most for their money.   He purposely keeps his overhead very low so that he can pass the savings on to his customers.  You will visit a basic jewelry store.  Harry figures if you want everything your ego could desire you should go to Tiffany’s or Harry Winston’s in Manhattan – they are the crème de la crème!  However, if buying beautiful rings at fantastic prices is more important than fancy displays and expensive rents in a mall, than DJV located at 1005 Park Street in Peekskill is the place for you.

DJV Jewelry – Westchester & Putnam’s Value Leader In Rings

DJV Jewelry carries all types of rings from vintage to new to creating a one-of-a-kind custom designed works of art.   Harry has been in business for over 25 years and will listen to you and help you find the perfect ring for any occasion and any budget.

Here is a partial list of the type of rings DJV Jewelry carries:

Casual fun rings for everyday wear

Friendship rings







Custom designed rings

And more…


Three Tips to selling rings in Westchester or Putnam

Do you have a quality ring that you just do not wear anymore?  Bring it to Harry and he will evaluate it for you at no cost.

  1. An honest jeweler will tell you what they can pay rather than ask what you need for your ring

Beware of people at jewelry stores, online or in a pawn shop who ask you what you need for your ring. This tactic is just a negotiation trick to drive the price they will pay down.  A professional jewelry can evaluate the value of your ring and can tell you what they can pay.  Harry purposely keeps his overhead low so that he can pay a higher price for quality rings be they gold, diamond, gems or another type of ring.


  1. If you are not an expert gemologist, know your jeweler

Very few people in the general public have the know-how to be able to evaluate the quality of a gem and may not know the quality of the gold or silver in the ring.  Since most people are not gemologists, look for a jeweler who has a long-standing reputation and who has served the same community for years.  DJV has been at 1005 Park Street in Peekskill since 1982.  Harry has been there since 1990.  He has built his reputation on delivering the best value and pricing in Westchester & Putnam with superior service and the best prices.


  1. Use common sense

If a jeweler pressures you or makes claims that just seem untrue run, don’t walk out of their store.  Part of every sale a store makes covers their overhead – that is common sense.  If a jeweler is paying high rents in a mall and has laid out tens of thousands on fancy display cases and the interior design of the store, they must cover those costs in their sales or go out of business. Harry does not focus on the “in crowd who are trying keep up with the Jones” rather he focuses on people who work hard for their money and want real value.  By keeping his overhead low he can pay more for a ring or give more in trade than a store that pays two or three times more per month in overhead than DJV – it is just common sense.


The hard working people of Westchester & Putnam Go to DJV for their rings


If you are someone who knows the value of a buck and works hard, you most likely want the most for your money.  If this is the case, either call DJV Jewelry at 914-737-6550 or visit Harry at 1005 Park St Peekskill you will find the best deals for rings in Westchester or Putnam!

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