Sell Your Gold And Silver

DJV In Peekskill buys and sells gold, silver and quality jewelry in Weschester & Putnam

If you are in the Peekskill area and want to buy or sell gold, the most important thing you need to know is the buyer or seller.    Harry Peirce, the current owner of DJV Jewelry, has been in the store since 1990.   Harry supports the community sports, police and Special Olympics.  He has been part of the community for decades and is not going anywhere.  DJV is known for treating everyone fairly, with respect and having great prices. Harry has built the store’s reputation on these principals.  There is a saying that says “You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” The fly-by-night gold buyers and sellers come and go.  The same is true with many on-line companies who offer to buy or sell gold.  Harry had heard all of the complaints – shorting people on the weight of their gold, telling them is a lower caret gold that it actually is and on and on.  There is another saying “That time does not lie… and neither does Harry.  He keeps the overhead at DJV low so that he can afford to pay the highest prices when buying gold and sell gold by delivering the best deals.  This is why generations of Peekskill families have trusted DJV for all of their jewelry and precious metal needs

gold buying Peekskill NY

What type of Gold does DJV Buy and What do they sell?

When you want to sell your gold, DJV will give you a great deal.  They buy unwanted and broken jewelry, coins, watches, gold ware, chains and anything with a reasonable gold content.  Harry will figure the gold content and explain how it is determined.   Next, he will show you the current price of gold and explain how much a gold buyer can pay.  Finally, he will pay the highest prices in the area.  If you are looking to buy gold he will give you the best deals too.  If you want to buy bullion or gold jewelry Harry will explain how and why the prices are what they are. It really is not rocket science… If you treat people with dignity, earn their trust with decades of service and give them a great deal…they come back.

If you want to buy or sell gold, go to DJV Jewelry in Peekskill – you will be glad you did!

DJV has ben Peekskill’s community jewelry store since 1982.  Harry prides himself on the relationships that he builds one customer at a time.  Rather than investing in an expensive location, over-the-top counter displays and decors, he invests in relationships.  He takes great care of his customers and always gives them the best deals possible.  This is why customers turn in to friend and come back for generations.  DJV is located at 1005 Park Street in Peekskill and wants to be your trusted source to buy or sell gold – call Harry today at 914-737-6550.